One Call PC Help


Networking Solutions

One Call PC Help can design, integrate, and deploy full networking solutions that fit your business needs.  We offer a wide range of solutions from simple router configuration to large scale managed switches and firewall installation.

  • Wireless Integration
  • Firewall Installation
  • Load balancing policy routing
  • Internet Fail-Over Systems
  • Server Upgrade Solutions

    Much of the Server world has changed with the ability to virtualize servers on advanced Windows 7 machines.  Many businesses in these hard times simply don’t have the budget to upgrade all of their software and hardware.  

    Most businesses just need to upgrade the hardware of their servers and do not necessarily need to upgrade all the software as well.   The cost involved in reinstalling all of your data onto a 2008 new server machine could reach up to $20,000 in parts and labor. 
    This is where server visualization comes into play.  We simply take a snapshot of your old server and virtualize it in a server grade system running Windows 7 cutting costs dramatically and leaving all of your current systems intact with no need to upgrade any of the client machines.

    Once your system is virtualized, you can then move the server to any machine in the future for roughly $200 plus the cost of the new server.  Additionally, in case of a system failure, it takes about one to two hours to have your operation fully up running again.

    If this seems like something that would benefit your business, please feel  free to contact us via chat session, email, phone call, or you can simply fill out the form below and a technician with callwill call you once they are done reviewing your information.  If you chose to fill out the form, a tech will respond to you by the end of the business day.

    Data Recovery

    Tired of hearing that your data is lost whenever you bring in your pc to be repaired? One Call PC Help has an extremely high recovery rate on any type of system whether it is a server, desktop, or laptop. We are specialized in the recovery of data base files, documents, QuickBooks data files, pictures, and music. In most cases, we can return the PC back to you in its original state even after hard drive failure has occurred.  
    Backup Systems
      One Call PC Help offers multiple backup solutions for any size business. We specialize in offsite and onsite backups give you the assurance you need that your data will be available in the case of an emergency.

    Spyware/Virus Cleanups and Protection
    We specialize in virus/spyware removal and prevention ranging
    from network antivirus deployment to simple home and client protection.
    Google Apps Specialists

    One Call Pc help is a Google Apps Certified Distributor.  We can help implement a Google Apps environment to your work space regardless of the email system you have in place.  We guarantee all mail from the current server will be transferred to Google mail; you will maintain your original email address; it will simply be redirected through Google allowing you to enjoy all the great features Google has to offer such as:
  • Synchronized mail between your pc, mobile device, outlook, and web interface.
  • Access your mail from any browser platform.
  • Calibrate calendars with people in the office allowing everyone to see each other’s schedule
  • Calibrate documents on line at the same time by simply uploading them to Google docs.